Weather Can’t Stop Halloween

A few parents took advantage of a free candy X-ray service Wednesday just to make sure their little ghouls’ and princesses’ treats were safe to eat.

Ohio County sheriff’s Cpl. Rod Vaught, Lt. Nelson Croft and Deputy Nicole Seifert used the X-ray scanner at the City-County Building to check the candy collected during trick or treat on Halloween night. Vaught said he did not expect to find any tainted candy.

He noted this was the first time the department had checked treats with the scanner, which was put into service in June in the lobby.

”It’s something to give parents peace of mind and for children to interact with law enforcement in a positive light,” Vaught said.

Vaught noted he could not remember any actual cases of tainted candy occurring in the region in the past.

”We don’t expect to find any razor blades or syringes,” he added.

Croft said if something had been discovered, he would have asked the parents to remember every house they visited for candy, and the people in each home would have to be questioned.

But the scanning event mainly was to help children feel more comfortable with officers, so that in the future they will not be shy about asking officers for help.

”I wanted them to check out the candy – I didn’t want anything to happen,” said Wheeling resident Jennifer Burress, who brought her 21-month-old son Jaremiah to the City-County Building. They were accompanied by cousin Shabria Hairston.

Children also received free pencils, bracelets, temporary K-9 tattoos and an anti-bullying coloring book.