Change of Address Forms Not Needed on Zitko Terrace

Marshall County Commissioner Brian Schambach said Friday a section of West Virginia Code will permit the county to allow Zitko Terrace residents to keep their addresses.

During a Dec. 11 commission meeting, about 12 residents led by Bill Stoehr expressed concern about a plan to change their addresses. The plan was in response to an ongoing state mandate to change rural homes’ addresses to city-style addresses – a move meant to make the structures easier for first responders to find.

But the residents said doing so would have had the opposite impact, potentially confusing medics, firefighters and others.

The majority of the subdivision is located just outside Glen Dale city limits with two houses situated just inside the city.

House numbers range from 1-21, but the new addresses, based on a mathematical calculation, did not appear to be in any order, starting with 174 and ending with 279.

“The situation was unique with that development with the fact there was no additional or ample space to build additional homes,” Schambach said.

He also said because of the shape of the development, changing the addresses would have caused more confusion than help to first responders and others.

The commission decided during a Dec. 18 meeting to not change the addresses. Schambach said he did not remember the exact state code related to the addressing issue, but he noted the county’s prosecutor, Jeff Cramer, helped the commission research the issue.

Zitko resident Don Buchanan said he feels “very good” about the commission’s decision, adding now he and his fellow residents won’t have to spend money changing their personal documents.

“It would have been quite a problem for the people here and for ourselves. … I’ve been here for 42 years. I was here when they started building,” Buchanan said.