Country Day School Hits Campaign Goal

Head of School Elizabeth Hofreuter-Landini described Wheeling Country Day School’s newly renovated campus as the “manifestation” of the recently completed $1.8 million capital fundraiser “Campaign for the Next Chapter.”

In November, Wheeling Country Day was able to reach and exceed a $1.7 million goal for the Capital Campaign, which funded the construction of three new buildings on the campus tucked away in the heart of Woodsdale.

“The Christmas miracle about it all is two years ago, we were privately starting with nothing. In December 2010, we got our first check for $50,000,” Hofreuter-Landini said. “One year ago, we were cramped in every corner space on this campus, because we had no new classrooms and now here we are, within two years, we have three brand new buildings. With no debt, we have completely transformed our campus.”

According to Hofreuter-Landini, a matching grant jointly given by two private foundations enabled Wheeling Country Day to raise $96,000 that pushed the school over its campaign goal.

“As the school year opened, we knew we were 95 percent on our way to our goal over the three-year campaign and luckily found ourselves the recipients of a matching challenge grant,” Hofreuter-Landini said. “The matching challenge really spurred that final push of donors to get us to a successful conclusion of a campaign.”

The campaign-funded construction included the new Arts and Science Building, which was completed last year, and two new classroom buildings housing first through fourth grades. According to Hofreuter-Landini, the two new permanent classroom buildings replaced structures that had been built in the 1970s and were meant to last only 20 years. Though the buildings had been properly maintained for a longer period, she said, they were beginning to show their age.

“For me what’s exciting is that this is an over 80-year-old school and it’s a school that has meant a great deal to our students and to our community. We were given the grand opportunity to allow our facilities to match the excellent programming that has been a part of our philosophy of the school since 1929,” Hofreuter-Landini said.

The school will celebrate meeting the campaign goal with a private dedication and a community-wide “day of celebration” scheduled for the spring.