Fuel Tanker Spills Gas at Kroger

A tanker truck spilled 138-300 gallons of gasoline while making a delivery at the Moundsville Plaza Kroger on Lafayette Avenue Tuesday, fueling a response by emergency crews and state environmental officials.

Initial reports were of a spill exceeding 1,000 gallons, but Moundsville Fire Chief Noel Clarke said responders revised that estimate after assessing the situation. He added he believes the actual amount spilled is toward the lower end of the 138-300 gallon range.

Responders applied sand and a granular absorbent to the pavement to soak up the spilled fuel, and Marshall County Emergency Management Director Tom Hart said a private contractor was called in to finish cleaning up. The store’s fuel center remained closed throughout that process.

Hart said representatives from the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection checked to make sure the spill did not pollute the city’s sewer system, the Ohio River or Big Grave Creek. According to Clarke, if any fuel seeped into those waterways, it was “a very minimal amount.”

“I’m glad we got here before the rain came and did wash it down into the sewer,” said Clarke.