Lucas Ready To Take On Role as Sheriff

David Lucas is excited to take the reins of the Belmont County Sheriff’s Department next month.

On Nov. 6, county voters elected the long-time law enforcement officer as sheriff. The election marked his second time running for the position of sheriff; the Republican first sought the office in 2008.

“All my years at the sheriff’s office I loved and was very passionate in my job. As my years went on and as I was getting on in my later years, I wanted to go up to the top of the ladder and be sheriff,” said Lucas. “I retired as the major here. When I retired, I wanted to take my chance at being sheriff.”

Lucas retired from the sheriff’s department on Oct. 31, 2007, but still worked with the office on training and with the special operations branch. Outside of that, he kept busy working with the family business, Pyrotechnics by Presutti fireworks company.

“I think at the time,I retired to run for sheriff, because I ran for sheriff in 2008,” said Lucas. “I’m going to be a full-time sheriff. We are going to work together, not only with all the police departments, but with the community and the people of Belmont County. And because of the crime and the criminal aspect in Belmont County, it is going to take all of us working together to combat the crime in Belmont County.”

Lucas began his career in 1979 with the Barnesville Police Department. He said then-Police Chief Chris Ditto directed him to the right path. Lucas describes his younger self as ornery and said the chief put him on the straight and narrow.

He came to the sheriff’s office and moved up through the ranks, remaining there until his retirement. Over the years working for the sheriff’s office, Lucas was a founding member of the Sexual Assault Task Force in the early 1980s.

“I’ve been a career police officer ever since I graduated. I started at the Barnesville Police Department and from the Barnesville Police Department, I came over here to the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office,” said Lucas. “The thing I like the most about the job is the community interaction with the people. The thing I loved the best was being out there with the community.”