Triadelphia Middle Receives State Funding

There will be $211,000 worth of upgrades coming to Triadelphia Middle School, said Ohio County Schools Superintendent Dianna Vargo during the Friday Board of Education meeting.

The project funding to repair the foundation of the school’s annex and to replace the building’s wheelchair ramp was approved by the School Building Authority of West Virginia earlier this week in Charleston. According to Vargo, the building, which sits on a hill, has had water coming into the foundation to cause the needed repairs.

“We’ve been patchworking it over the years, but we needed an overhaul. It all needed to be taken out and redone,” Vargo said. “The project will provide for structural repairs and weatherproofing to the building foundation. The replacement ramp will provide safe passage for those needing ADA access to the building.”

The project includes replacing the wheelchair access ramp, removing and replacing subgrade steps and landings, removing and replacing retaining walls at window wells, excavating the exterior below grade to repair foundation walls, waterproofing the foundation walls, replacing sidewalks as needed and replacing the asphalt driveway at the location.

Triadelphia Principal Walter Patrick Saunders said the school’s annex houses the cafeteria, art classes, core education classes, a computer lab and a piano lab.

“We have everything in there. It’s much appreciated the state is investing in the future of our building,” Saunders said. “It’s nice to see we’re still investing in our buildings. We’re trying to preserve the integrity of the current buildings.”