WJU Program Earns Top Status

The Education Leadership master’s degree program at Wheeling Jesuit University has been awarded the highest attainable, national accreditation status for programs of its kind. The National Teacher Education Accreditation Council has granted initial accreditation to the program for five years with no stipulations.

Connie Myer, director of the WJU Professional Education Department, said this accreditation award is evidence the program meets TEAC’s stringent quality standards.

“It opens the program to educators nationwide, and recent studies show a tremendous need for this kind of program. It’s significant, and not easily attained. Most programs across the country that do attain this accreditation status do not reach the highest level on the first attempt. This is a huge step in our mission to serve others,” said Myer.

Educators may choose one of two tracks offered through this online, one-year program: School and System Leadership, which leads to licensure as a school principal, curriculum supervisor or school system superintendent, and Instructional Leadership, which is geared toward teacher leaders.

The graduate program, now in its third year, was developed by Myer. She, Bonnie Ritz and Larry Jones serve as the three primary instructors in the program, and all hold doctorates in education. Ritz is also the program coordinator. The MEL program is also accredited by the West Virginia Board of Education.

“The Master’s in Education Leadership program offers research-based strategies for leading schools and school systems in the 21st century. Geared toward working educators, the program’s distinctive residency component allows students to learn in a real-world setting. Many of our program completers have already moved into leadership positions,” Myer noted.

For more information on the MEL program, visit wju.edu/academics/ped/default.asp. For more information on TEAC, visit www.teac.org.