Campbell Remembered for Being Passionate About Friendly City’s Water

Albert King Campbell was the kind of man who could argue a point passionately one minute and then ask you to lunch the next. In other words, he didn’t hold a grudge, said Wheeling Public Works Director Russell Jebbia.

Campbell, 66, the city’s Water Pollution Control Division superintendent, died Monday at Wheeling Hospital. He served the city of Wheeling since 1970, starting out in the water treatment plant in Warwood. Then, in 1982, he was appointed as superintendent of water pollution control.

Jebbia said Campbell was a member of many water-related organizations, having served as past president of many of them. He loved his job and cared about his department and employees and the water quality in the region, Jebbia said.

”I’m going to miss him. He was a good friend. … I think everyone is going to miss him,” Jebbia said.

City Manager Robert Herron described Campbell as a dedicated employee who worked for the city for 40 years. He also was a dedicated husband to his wife, and he loved his community.

”He was truly dedicated to water pollution control and the impact the sewer system can have on the environment,” Herron said. ”He strived to improve the system, and he was successful in doing that. … He was well known in the state in wastewater circles. I would call him a leader in that room.”

Dan Villani, water pollution operations supervisor, said he worked with Campbell during the late superintendent’s entire tenure at the plant.

”He was a very good, dedicated man. In all his decisions, he really thought about water pollution control and the city of Wheeling,” Villani said.

Dave Nickerson, water treatment plant employee, said Campbell already had moved to water pollution control when Nickerson started working for the city 28 years ago. But over the years, he still had contact with Campbell for projects related to homeland security.

”He was a good guy. We got along well,” Nickerson said.

Kepner Funeral Home of Wheeling is handling Campbell’s funeral arrangements.