Final Approval Granted For New Building

The West Virginia State Fire Marshal’s Office approved the new Cameron High School for occupancy late Friday, ensuring students can begin classes there Thursday.

Marshall County Schools Assistant Superintendent Wayne Simms said approval was granted after two days of inspection late last week. Minor items were addressed Friday, including ventilation hoods in the chemistry and kitchen areas, as well as a final inspection of the fire safety system.

Simms said occupancy was granted pending completion of one additional project, which involves installation of tile and covering of steel inside the main entrance.

He said that work would be completed Monday afternoon as teachers began setting up their classrooms in preparation for students later this week.

“We are all ready to move in, and everything is full speed ahead,” Simms said Monday morning.

The inspection began Dec. 12, with fire marshals needing extra time because of the size of the building. The majority of the structure was deemed safe after the initial inspection, with final approval expected to be granted last week. That allowed school officials to begin planning for the Jan. 3 move-in date, and Simms said the faculty and staff are excited.

“The students are going to start off school at the old building (Thursday), eat breakfast and then we will bring half of them here,” he said, adding this will be the first time the majority of the students will see the new school. The remaining students will be brought to the building Thursday afternoon.

Once students are in the building, minor work will continue to complete the project, mainly in the main gymnasium and auditorium. Simms said the auditorium work involves the synchronization of the fire alarm system to the lighting system and added students will not use that portion of the building until the work is completed.

“It has to do with if the fire alarm goes off, the lights need to come on automatically and any music needs to shut off automatically,” he said. “That should be done next week.”

In the gymnasium, lettering and graphics are being placed on the basketball court and a final layer of varnish will be applied. Simms said that work should be done this week, and students will use the auxiliary gymnasium in the meantime.

“It is not going to be long to get it all the way done,” Simms said.