Hospital Enforcing Visitor Policy Due To Flu Outbreak

With influenza still spreading across the country, one local hospital is reminding people that only two patients per visitor are permitted at one time.

At Wheeling Hospital, Medical Director Dr. Vic Perrone said it is in the patients’ best interests to limit the number of people who visit them.

”We fully understand how important it is for our patients’ friends and relatives to visit them. But given the severity of the flu this year, we are being extra vigilant in enforcing our two-visitors-per-patient policy. Obviously our patients already have some type of medical issue. Further complicating their condition by a visitor bringing in a cold or flu to a patient’s room can be lessened by limiting the number of visitors,” Perrone said.

”This policy is in effect year-round, but we really need to emphasize it during cold and flu season,” he added. “We ask that patients, friends and relatives cooperate and understand this measure is to protect the patients. Most visitors are fine with visiting patients in shifts of two.”

People also are being asked to use hand sanitizing stations when they enter and exit the facility.