McCardle Calls It Quits as GOP Chief

The Ohio County Republican Party is seeking new leadership after Wheeling attorney Elgine McCardle resigned as chairwoman.

Vice Chairman Charles Schlegel will serve as interim chairman until a new leader is selected by the county party’s executive committee, which McCardle said is expected to happen in March.

“Anyone who is interested in becoming chair should send their resume to Charlie Schlegel,” she said. “The applicants will be reviewed at the February executive committee meeting, and applicants will be interviewed in March.”

The county party also is seeking executive committee members and volunteers to assist the party.

Schlegel can be contacted at, 304-281-8020 or 304-242-1090.

There will be no Lincoln Day Dinner in Ohio County until after the new chairperson is selected, McCardle added.

She described herself a “goal-oriented person” who has achieved her goals as chairwoman, and she believes it is time to focus on other areas in her life.

The Ohio County GOP headquarters has been operating out of her law office in Center Wheeling.

“My goals when I took the position were to put the GOP back on the map in Ohio County, for people in Ohio County to know where the headquarters was, who the chair was, where they could go to get involved and, of course, to fill our slate,” she said. “I think I did all that.”

McCardle noted she was pleased with the candidates on the Republican ticket in 2012.

“Working as chair, you really do work for everyone’s campaign,” she added. “It’s as though you’re the campaign manager for everyone who is running in the county, and it is a lot of work.”

Typically, a county party chairman has one big election during their tenure, but McCardle has been busy since taking over as chairwoman in 2009. There was a special election for U.S. Senate in the state in 2010, followed by a special election for governor in 2011.

Then came the 2012 presidential election, where Republican candidate Mitt Romney won all counties in West Virginia but lost the electoral and popular vote nationally.

McCardle also organized “Penny for Your Thoughts” public campaign forums at her office during 2012, which served to introduce candidates to voters in Ohio County.

She said she will continue to be involved with the GOP and will work to help specific candidates when asked.