Mudslides Proving To Be a Problem for Trail

People using Heritage Trail will encounter an obstacle in the area of Wheeling Hospital.

A large mudslide that has plagued a section of Wheeling’s Heritage Trail near Wheeling Hospital over the past few years has reappeared at the same location, also sliding into a section of Big Wheeling Creek, according to Wheeling-Ohio County Rails to Trails Project Engineer R. “Scat” Scatterday.

“Historically, there is a small ravine that has been a problem over the past three or four years. The worst (slide) was a couple of years ago. It closed the trail and took a fence out,” said Scatterday.

He said this time, the slide seems to be much larger and it appears to be blocking off a large part of Wheeling Creek.

“That’s different. … That brings in other jurisdictions,” Scatterday said Friday, comparing the situation to previous slides at the same location. “It was all cleaned off. … (City operations crews) were skirting the trail and all of the sudden, this massive slide came back down.”

He said city crews hosed off the trail but the slide recurred Friday afternoon.

“It’s going to keep coming down as long as this rain keeps feeding it. … In fact, I was over there 30 minutes ago and another slip came down,” he added.

Scatterday said two smaller mudslides are also causing problems about 30 yards east of the larger slide.

Public Works Director Russell Jebbia recently said the mud invading the city’s trail has been an ongoing problem that stems from a Bethlehem resident’s hilly property.

Staff Writer Shelley Hanson contributed to this report.