New Year’s Eve Quiet, As Police Expected

A trio of Ohio Valley law enforcement officers said New Year’s Eve in their respective jurisdictions came and went just as they expected – with little criminal activity.

Wheeling Deputy Police Chief Martin Kimball last week predicted a drastic increase in the call volume for New Year’s Eve, but not necessarily a rise in arrests. He said that during a 12-hour period Monday night and Tuesday morning, officers responded to about twice the number of calls as on a typical night.

Police were prepared for the increase and deployed more cruisers on the streets, which has become their standard for New Year’s Eve. Despite the increase in calls, officers only made a handful of arrests, according to Kimball. Among those were an arrest arising from a domestic dispute, a DUI and a traffic violation.

“Overall it was a pretty calm evening – all things considered,” Kimball said.

Ohio County Sheriff Pat Butler noted deputies arrested a man and a woman following what he believed was an incident that arose as a result of a fight at a bar in Valley Grove. Outside of that call, Butler said there were no other noteworthy arrests or incidents and the night went relatively smoothly.

New Year’s Eve in Steubenville reportedly went nearly uninterrupted.

“It was so tame you wouldn’t believe it,” Steubenville Police Capt. John Young said. According to Young, officers did not make a single arrest, nor was there a noticeable increase in the calls received.

Police did respond to a report of shots fired, Young mentioned, but he said when officers arrived at the scene, neighbors said they had heard the sound of fireworks, not gunshots.