No Injuries in Pair Of School Bus Accidents

No injuries resulted from two separate accidents involving school buses Tuesday.

A Marshall County Schools bus transporting Bishop Donahue High School students south on W.Va. 2 near the Fourth Street exit ramp in Benwood collided with a small car Tuesday morning. Police Chief Frank Longwell said the accident, which occurred at 11:30 a.m., happened in a construction zone where traffic was narrowed to one lane. Work crews are replacing the Fourth Street off-ramp barrier abutment that was damaged from a previous accident at the same location.

According to police reports, Benwood resident Mary Elizabeth Caldwell was driving a 1989 Ford Escort that struck the side of one of two school buses traveling nearby while merging into the passing lane. The buses, both of which were full of Bishop Donahue students, were traveling together when the incident occurred. The second bus was not involved in the crash.

Caldwell told police she didn’t see the school bus while she was merging into the passing lane. She was cited for failure to yield the right of way.

Longwell said fortunately no injuries resulted from the “fender bender.”

Meanwhile, no injuries or damage were reported after an Ohio County Schools bus traveled off the roadway in Elm Grove on Tuesday evening.

All students were safely removed through the emergency door at the rear of the bus, which went off the edge of Cedar Rocks Road and started leaning against the guardrail as it sank into mud shortly before 5 p.m.

Ohio County Schools Transportation Director Dave Ziegler said the students’ parents were notified of the problem and picked up their children at the scene.

Staff Writer Art Limann contributed to this report.