NRJ Inmate Allegedly Attacks Guard

An inmate at the West Virginia Northern Regional Jail faces new charges after she allegedly struck a corrections officer earlier this week.

Amanda L. Bickley, 30, of Newell faces misdemeanor charges of battery on a government official and assault on a government official stemming from an alleged altercation Monday at the jail. According to the criminal complaint, a corrections officer was lining up inmates for chapel when she noticed Bickley yelling at another inmate.

After being instructed to get back in line, Bickley reportedly lunged at the officer in an effort to attack the other inmate. The officer told investigators she pushed Bickley to create separation and they both fell to the ground.

While on the ground, the officer said Bickley got to her feet and approached her, prompting the officer to punch Bickley in the chest. The officer said Bickley then attempted to punch her in the face, though none of the punches landed.

A second officer arrived on scene and sprayed Bickley with pepper spray before restraining her.

Bickley allegedly told investigators she got into the altercation with the other inmate because that inmate was talking to Bickley’s girlfriend. She said when she saw the corrections officer fall, she tried to help her up and then remembers being “Maced.”

Bickley also reportedly said she “got so mad that she blacked out” and she also apologized to the officer for the incident, the complaint states.

Marshall County Magistrate Mark Kerwood set bond at $5,000 and a Feb. 11 hearing date on the new charges, though Bickley has no option for bail due to felony charges out of Hancock County.