Police Continue to Investigate Home Armed Robbery

The Moundsville Police Department continues to investigate a home invasion and armed robbery that occurred in the city’s east end this past weekend.

According to Police Chief Tom Mitchell, the incident happened just after midnight Saturday on Ohio Street. He said two individuals knocked at a door before kicking it in, identifying themselves as police.

Mitchell said both individuals had guns and ordered the residents of the home to the floor, where they held them for an extended period. The individuals filled a tote with several items, mostly electronics, before leaving the scene.

Both individuals were wearing masks, though the victims were able to provide descriptions to investigators. Mitchell said one of the victims was able to dial a cell phone while being held hostage, but was unable to provide any information.

“With a cell phone, it goes off a tower and doesn’t give us an exact location,” he said, adding an exact location could have resulted in authorities catching the culprits in the act. “That is one of the downfalls of cell phones. We were able to find the last known address of the owner of that number, but it wasn’t where the call came from.”

Mitchell said his department is following leads and has suspects in mind. He said he will consult with the Marshall County Prosecutor’s Office and possibly file charges. In the meantime, Mitchell said it is important for residents to make sure they verify who is knocking at their door and report suspicious activity.