Tracks in the Snow Lead Police to Stolen Television

Wheeling police are searching for a person who broke into Duvall Television & Appliance store on National Road early Sunday morning and stole a 55-inch flat-screen television that was later abandoned in the alley behind the store.

According to reports, the person threw a rock at the business’ front window around 3 a.m., gaining entrance into the store before grabbing the $1,800 LG LED television displayed in the front of the shop. According to Deputy Chief Martin Kimball, officers later followed a trail of footprints in the snow that led from the store to the back alley, where the damaged television was abandoned.

“It was probably a crime of opportunity,” Kimball said. “Whoever it was probably saw the TV, threw a rock and thought they’d be long gone before anyone noticed.”

Duvall co-owner Ted Miller said the person caused about $3,500 worth of damage to merchandise in addition to the damaged window.

Miller said the break-in has been the first one at the store in 10 years, and though the store does not have security cameras, it does have an alarm system that was activated when the window was broken. Police were on the scene within 10 minutes after the alarm went off, according to Miller.

“It was a classic ‘smash and dash,'” Miller said. “We really don’t have that much trouble here, though it does seem like just lately it’s getting a little more wild in the neighborhood.”

Kimball said officers stopped a vehicle leaving the area shortly after the crime and talked to a driver known to be involved in previous thefts. However, he said there is currently no proof the driver was connected to the crime.