Five Allegedly Involved in Assault

Four individuals are in custody while a fifth remains at large after an incident Sunday at 2500 Ohio St. in Moundsville.

Two individuals, Christopher James Vincent Vennis, 19, of 1332 Ruby St. and Edward Lee Nelson, 20, of 309 Eighth St., Moundsville were arrested Monday morning and charged with robbery, assault during the the commission of a felony, conspiracy to commit a robbery and battery. On Tuesday, David Scott Dolin, 24, of 2500 Ohio St. was arrested on the same series of charges, while Shelby Lynn Emery, 20, of 2500 Ohio St., was arrested on three counts of accessory after the fact for their involvement in the alleged incident.

According to the criminal complaints filed against the group, deputies with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department responded to the Ohio Street address at 1:33 a.m. Sunday after receiving a report of a man being beaten up by several other males. The victim, identified as Tony Lee Whitlatch, was covered in mud and had a bloody nose, as well as scrapes and bruises on his back.

Whitlatch said he was going to a neighbor’s home to sell a video game system when he was allegedly attacked by Edward Nelson. After being knocked to the ground, several other individuals jumped in and began to punch and kick him before leaving the scene in a grey minivan and another vehicle.

An order to be on the lookout was issued, and a van matching the description was pulled over by Glen Dale police on W.Va. 86. Edward Nelson and Vennis were taken into custody and transported to the Northern Regional Jail.

Emery, the owner and driver of the minivan, was questioned, and said she was present when the crime was allegedly committed. She told deputies she was driving when the other exited to attack Whitlatch, and drove again after being warned police were being called during the assault.

Officers gathered a statement as to why the incident occurred. According to the complaint, witnesses said Whitlatch was attempting to sell Percocet for $35 per pill. The alleged suspects allegedly knew Whitlatch had these pills and wanted to steal them. The witness, who is unnamed in the complaint, reported seeing Edward Nelson, Vennis and Robert Dale Nelson, 18, of 309 Eighth St., attack Whitlatch. The victim later identified Dolin as one of the individuals who held him down and struck him

Vennis, Edward Nelson, Dolin and Emery were being held on $50,000 bond.

Robert Nelson remained at-large as of Tuesday evening. Preliminary hearing dates for the four incarcerated individuals are set for next week.