Former Cameron School Declared Surplus

While the Marshall County Board of Education no longer needs the old Cameron High School building, board of education members and school officials are being cautious in deciding what happens to it next.

The board’s declaration of the former school building as surplus property last week following the opening of the new Cameron High School in January allows the district to seek potential interested parties to take over the property or submit bids.

After voting to approve the matter, board of education member John Miller said he wants the district to consider all options to ensure the building does not deteriorate.

“We need to make sure it does not become an eyesore,” he said. “We need to do research and make sure whoever takes over takes care of it.”

Miller said that research should include whether the person or organization taking over the building can afford upkeep or potential upgrades to the building, and whether plans for the building will serve the public interest.

The district has previously transferred surplus property to organizations, most recently in 2009 when the district ceased operations at Sanford Elementary School in Moundsville. That building was transferred to the city, which has used it for educational programs and rental space for events.

Superintendent Fred Renzella said things started slow for the building once the city took over, but it has become a success. He said the city of Cameron and a church in the city have expressed interest in the former Cameron school building.

Renzella said the sooner a decision is made, the better.

“After that, we are no longer liable for the safety of the building or for the bills,” he said.