Huntsman Waives Hearing in Home Invasion Case

One of two men accused of impersonating a police officer and holding a family hostage while robbing a Moundsville home last month waived his right to a preliminary hearing this week, while the other is set to appear for his later this month.

Henry Huntsman, 23, waived his right to a preliminary hearing Monday and will have his case bound over to the next Marshall County grand jury.

Jonathan Underwood, 26, had his preliminary hearing date reset for Feb. 25 after a previously scheduled hearing was continued last week.

Underwood and Huntsman face charges of armed robbery and impersonation of a law enforcement officer for their alleged involvement Jan. 26 on Ohio Street.

Underwood also faces a charge of receiving or transferring stolen goods.

According to the criminal complaint, the stolen property charge stemmed from a Jan. 25 incident in which Underwood allegedly stole several items from a vehicle in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Surveillance video showed Huntsman was the driver, with the passenger unable to be identified.

A second theft involving the same vehicle happened a short time later at a neighboring business, with Underwood allegedly visible in the surveillance video.

On Jan. 26, Marshall County 911 received a call from an unknown male who said, ”There are two men here with guns,” before the call was disconnected. After calling the number back, dispatchers heard two men ordering individuals to put their hands behind their backs and claiming they were law enforcement officers, the complaint states.

The men identifying themselves as officers allegedly said they were going to take anything in the house they believed to have been purchased with drug money.

After being disconnected a second time, dispatchers then called back and reached a juvenile, who said two men entered through the back door, produced weapons and held the occupants at gunpoint while they committed the robbery. The men loaded the stolen items, including electronics and syringes, in a red duffel bag.

A search warrant was issued for Huntsman’s residence, where officers found several video games and cash hidden in a door frame. Meanwhile, officers arrested Underwood, who had the red duffel bag with video games inside, as well as a knife and syringes. The victims confirmed the items were those stolen during the robbery.

Officers obtained a search warrant for Underwood’s home, where they found more video games and other items reported as stolen. Two cell phones were also found, which contained photos of the victims, the complaint states.

Officers reviewed the 911 call and confirmed Huntsman’s voice. Additionally, the complaint states the two men allegedly made several comments about being law enforcement officers, including making references to the DEA, Marshals and indictments.

Huntsman also allegedly referred to Underwood by the name of a current Moundsville police officer before stating he had ”a nine millimeter pointed” at the head of one victim.