Police Stymied In Rape Probe

A lack of information and cooperation from the alleged victim is limiting Moundsville police in their investigation of a rape reported early Tuesday.

According to a police report, officers were stopped just before 4:30 a.m. Tuesday by an individual who reported a female was walking near Second and Washington streets crying and looking upset. Officers found the female, who said she had been raped but declined to be transported to the station.

A short time later, dispatchers received a call from someone identifying herself as the female’s sister. The caller said her sister had contacted her seeking a ride from Moundsville and said she had been raped. Officers found the female at a Moundsville gas station and transported her to the police station.

According to Moundsville Police Chief Tom Mitchell, the female declined to provide any details regarding the alleged incident. She said she had been out with a group of people she was familiar with before joining another group of people she was less familiar with, but she provided no more details.

She remained at the station for a little more than hour before leaving.

“At that point, we provided a safe refuge for her until she felt comfortable leaving,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell noted that in such instances, officers can only work and investigate based on the information they are given.

Although there are no leads to investigate right now, Mitchell said if the female were to provide information, an investigation would continue.

Mitchell said this was an isolated and unconfirmed incident, and stressed that there is no danger or concern of this becoming a serial crime. However, he said all reports of rape are taken seriously.

“Regardless of the circumstance, no means no,” he said.