Residents Wake to Find Tires Slashed

Some residents of the Elm Grove section of Wheeling got their day off to an inauspicious start Thursday, when they discovered they were among nearly 30 people who had their car tires slashed overnight.

According to Wheeling Deputy Police Chief Martin Kimball, a vandal or vandals slashed the tires of at least 28 automobiles sometime late Wednesday or early Thursday. Multiple tires were slashed on some of those vehicles, he pointed out, so the extent of the damage was not precisely known Thursday.

Police received the first complaint at about 5:15 a.m. Thursday. The calls continued to roll in throughout the morning, and by the afternoon officers had taken reports of tires slashed on Sycamore, Vernon, Rine and Paxton avenues.

“I’d be really steamed,” Kimball said, putting himself in the victims’ shoes. “That’s thousands of dollars of damage, and for what?”

Video surveillance from businesses on nearby Kruger Street may not help identify a suspect either, Kimball said, because many of the vehicles were parked out of the view of cameras.

Police had yet to determine a motive or identify a suspect Thursday, but Kimball said that apprehending those responsible for the “senseless crimes” will be a “high priority” for the department.