Whipping Winds Prompt Repairs for Courthouse

Employees of Kalkreuth Roofing and Sheet Metal braved the elements – and some height – Friday to repair the cupola of Marshall County Courthouse.

“It received some wind damage from the recent storms,” said Tom Gordon, a manager for Kalkreuth, as he oversaw the project from the sidewalk in front of the courthouse in Moundsville.

He said some of the sheet metal on the cupola had come loose and was in danger of falling off. For passersby, it was easy to see where the metal had peeled back and become loose due to strong wind.

Gordon said workers were trying to do damage control Friday, temporarily securing the metal to prevent hazards for people below. But he noted they also were trying to ensure no further damage would occur.

Marshall County Buildings and Grounds Supervisor Howard Coffield said the workers will return Monday.

At that time, Gordon said, they will investigate the full extent of the damage and start conducting permanent repairs.