Children’s Museum Has A Little Bit of Everything

WHEELING – Imagine a place where children can stand inside giant soap bubbles, pet a live turtle and create art projects – all while learning new social and academic skills.

There is just such a place at the corner of 10th and Main streets in downtown Wheeling, as the Children’s Museum of the Ohio Valley provides youngsters and parents unique opportunities.

“We have exhibits that let children role play, which helps with social development,” museum Director Patricia Croft said. “We try to have a little bit of everything.”

The museum regularly hosts groups of children for field trips, birthday parties, day camps and other events.

Some of the exhibits offered include:

a sensory room with various offerings;

a stream table that allows children to simulate how rocks and dirt affect water flow;

a climbing wall with padding below;

a bubble tube that permits children to pull a rope in an attempt to create a giant bubble around themselves;

a reading area;

an art creation area;

a Lego building block area;

a “green room” for growing plants;

live turtles and lizards;

a puppet theater and stage; and

a simulated grocery store.

“We keep our exhibits as fresh and up-to-date as we can. Some children enjoy certain ones more than others,” Croft said.

As a nonprofit organization, the museum is always looking for donations. Croft thanked the many generous donors who continue to support the museum.

“We have several exhibits that now have sponsors,” she said.

For more information, call 304-214-5437, or visit