City Tax Take Up By $47K

Benwood will get about $47,000 more than expected in tax collections this year, and the additional money will pay for repairs to the city’s floodwall, Benwood City Council members learned Tuesday.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Department informed city officials about the projected windfall, City Clerk Judy Hunt told council. The increase is attributed to rising property values in Benwood, she noted.

Mayor Ed Kuca said the money will be placed in the city’s general fund, where it can be used for such things as paving, sidewalk repairs and upkeep of the city’s floodwall. And a project to make $20,089 worth of repairs to the flood wall is about to start, he added.

In early 2011, the Army Corps of Engineers inspected the floodwall and determined it would be better protected if some electrical upgrades were completed at the pump stations on Fourth, Fifth and Sixth streets.

Erb Electric of Bridgeport won the bid to do the work.

“We want to be prepared for any event … ,” Kuca said. “These improvements will make the Army Corps of Engineers pleased with our floodwall. And we always want to do more than they ask us to do.”

Most of the work will be completed at the Fourth Street station, with an estimated price of $15,935 for work at that site.

The existing pump controller there and the electrical service will be demolished. New electrical service is to be installed, including conduit mast, meter socket, a stainless steel fusible disconnect switch and cabling and trench work to connect the pump station to American Electric Power’s utility pole.

A new pump controller will be connected to existing float switch controls.

Ground rods and cable will be installed at all three pump stations to ground the fence and existing electrical equipment, and a test will be performed on the existing electric system and provide a report. This work work will cost another $4,154, bringing the total price of the improvements to $20,089.

Councilwoman Lori Longwell and Councilman Lawrence C. Ferrera III were not present at Tuesday night’s council meeting.