Cops Look Into Thefts In Benwood, Moundsville

An elderly Moundsville man awoke in the middle of the night Wednesday because he heard noises in his 11th Street home, Police Chief Tom Mitchell said.

Concerned there might be intruders in his home, the man called his nephew, who came to the house and called the Moundsville Police Department at about 3 a.m.

Mitchell said a considerable amount of property was reported stolen from the residence, but most of it has been recovered Friday and the police investigation is yielding positive results.

“We’ve been interviewing people, and at least one arrest is imminent,” Mitchell said. “But the investigation continues for possible other suspects.”

Mitchell said his team of officers and detectives does all it can to watch over Moundsville and solve various crimes, but he stressed that residents must be vigilant.

“If we can get more people to call in when they see suspicious activity, we can catch more of these people and possibly recover people’s possessions sooner,” Mitchell said.

Meanwhile, Benwood Police Chief Frank Longwell said investigations are ongoing to find the culprits behind four vehicle break-ins this week on the southern end of town.

On Monday, two vehicles were reportedly entered on Main Street and McMechen Street. Both were unlocked and while items inside were moved around, owners reported nothing missing.

On Tuesday, two more vehicles were reported broken into on Water Street and on Main Street. The latter happened next door to the vehicle break-in on Main Street the day before. This time a few items were missing from both vehicles, though Longwell said the value of the stolen items was not high.

“We believe it was a group of teenagers,” Longwell said Friday, noting witnesses saw several teenagers walking in the area looking into vehicles on the night of the thefts.

“There have been no more incidents, but we are going to continue investigating and track those boys down,” Longwell said.

Like Mitchell, Longwell said residents can help police prevent crimes or catch the culprits sooner by just being vigilant.

“I recommend people keep their vehicles locked up,” Longwell said. “I also advise people to report any suspicious activity they see.”