County Estimates $600K Gambling Proceeds Dip

Ohio County’s general fund budget for fiscal 2014 is $12.385 million – about $8,000 more than the 2013 budget of $12.377 million.

Commissioners Orphy Klempa, Tim McCormick and Randy Wharton approved the new, balanced budget Tuesday. Administrator Greg Stewart said he was able to fund department heads’ capital improvement requests, but not salary requests.

“We don’t consider those until after July 1 when we know what the cash carryover will be,” he said, estimating this year’s carryover would be $400,000, a $150,000 increase compared to 2013.

Stewart noted video lottery and table gambling proceeds are down a total of $600,000, but taxes from new construction are up $456,394.

The county’s largest expense continues to be law enforcement at $3.485 million, followed by the 911 Communications Center at $1.1 million and the prosecutor’s office at $1.1 million. The county’s largest generator of revenue is property taxes at $5.23 million, followed by video lottery proceeds at $1.35 million and emergency communication fees at $1.1 million.

Stewart said 2014 department head salaries are: $157,500 for Stewart; $59,880 for Sheriff Pat Butler; $96,600 for Prosecutor Scott Smith; $55,440 for County Clerk Patricia Fahey; $55,440 for Circuit Clerk Brenda Miller; $66,380 for Assessor Kathie Hoffman; $60,500 for Airport Manager Tom Tominack; $45,000 for Solicitor Donald Tennant; and $36,960 each for Commissioners Randy Wharton, David Sims and Tim McCormick. The commissioners’ salaries are set by the state Legislature.

The commission is slated to set levy rates at 6 p.m. April 16. The rates have remained the same for the past 18 years and likely will be the following: Class II residential 23.14 cents per $100 assessed; commission’s operating levy, 11.57 cents; Class 3 non-residential property outside the city, 46.28 cents; Class 4 non-residential property within the city, 46.28 cents.