Raises Included In ’13-14 Budget

All municipal employees in McMechen can expect a 50-cent hourly pay raise as part of the $918,774 fiscal 2013-14 budget approved by City Council on Thursday.

Members voted unanimously in favor of the budget, meaning the pay hike will take effect July 1. Mayor Mike Gracik said the raise comes as a result of additional Business and Occupation Tax revenue received by the city and will be provided across the board.

Council members rejected the possibility of giving part-time workers a smaller raise and agreed they, too, would receive an additional 50 cents per hour.

Council also asked City Attorney Brett Ferro to draft an ordinance to give all municipal employees additional personal and sick days each year. The ordinance would give workers up to seven personal or sick days each year, instead of the four presently allowed, beginning Jan. 1.

Meanwhile, Faith Bell and Jo Marie Mackin of the McMechen Recreation Committee spoke to city officials about the McMechen City Pool and issues it must overcome before it opens this summer. Mackin and Bell told council the Marshall County Health Department required the city pool to obtain an industrial commercial refrigerator, a deep freezer and another hand sink for the concession stand.

“Right now, they don’t have anything,” Bell said.

She added that the recreation committee is separate from municipal government. According to Bell, the pool is city property, so the she believes the city should be responsible for making the upgrades.

Councilman Dave Kobasko and Councilwoman Nancy Boreman were confident the equipment could be obtained easily and at little cost.

“We can get them a refrigerator and freezer,” Kobasko said.

“And that sink, that’s a must,” Boreman added.

Gracik said the city faces small issues like this every year as it prepares to open the city pool. He was confident the pool will open in the spring, though he could not give a definite date.

Boreman mentioned the annual county electronic waste pickup dates are set for April 14-20, during which residents can bring their unwanted electronics to designated drop-off points.