Commission to Look at Parking Around Central

Wheeling Traffic Commission members said further study is needed before they will consider lifting the two-hour parking limit near Wheeling Central Catholic High School’s gymnasium to allow students to park there during school hours.

Commissioners on Thursday tabled a request from Councilman Robert “Herk” Henry to remove signs on 13th and Jacob streets near the gym, which restrict parking from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. He said students at the high school have been parking in those spaces for years but recently have been receiving tickets when they do so.

“The kids have no place to park,” said Henry.

City Operations Superintendent Tim Birch said removing the restriction along Jacob Street between 12th and 14th streets is a possibility, along with removing the yellow curb along 13th Street in front of the gym. But he said he wouldn’t recommend the latter option unless the school stops parking buses there.

“First of all, it’s a yellow curb, so I don’t know how they’re getting away with that,” Birch said. “Secondly, (the buses) are over 1 ton and they’re on a city street. There’s a lot of things going on that are illegal.”

Commissioner Chris Hamm pointed out that there are plenty of spaces in the lot behind the gym that are wasted because of the way buses are parked there. Commissioners ultimately decided to study the matter further and revisit it before the next school year begins.

In other business, Henry withdrew two additional requests. One request would have opened 15th Street between Wood and McColloch streets to two-way traffic. The other would have reversed the corresponding block of 14th Street from one-way westbound to one-way eastbound.

City Manager Robert Herron told Henry the 15th Street block needed to remain one-way to allow for angled parking spaces on the south side of the street when the future J.B. Chambers Recreation Park opens.

Commissioners unanimously approved recommending several other items be enacted by Wheeling City Council, including handicapped parking spaces in front of 34 Gaewood Ave., 225 29th St., 107 Alice Ave. and 110 S. Broadway St.; establishing a no-parking zone on the east side of Bow Street extending north about 80 feet from the Baker Street/McColloch Street intersection; and eliminating the one-hour parking limit on the south side of Seventh Street between Main and Market streets.