Fisher Family’s Dirty Laundry Aired at Hearing

Melody Fisher’s sister, seeking revenge for a rumored affair between Fisher and her sister’s husband, impersonated Fisher and contacted her alleged victim on the Internet, knowing it was a violation of Fisher’s bond and would put her back in jail, witnesses testified Tuesday in Ohio County Circuit Court.

Fisher, 41, of Beech Bottom, allegedly conspired with Kevin Walnoha to rob the Elm Grove Pharmacy at gunpoint on May 25. Prosecutors say Fisher was sitting in the getaway car in the parking lot when pharmacist Anthony Martino shot and killed Walnoha inside the building.

Judge James Mazzone revoked Fisher’s pretrial release in January and sent her back to the Northern Regional Jail after she allegedly contacted Martino via Facebook, which is a violation of her bond. Fisher has since hired attorney Edward Gillison to replace Stephen Herndon and Brent Clyburn, who were appointed by the court. Gillison has moved to reinstate bond, saying he uncovered exculpatory evidence that was not presented during the first hearing.

Bernice Henry, Fisher’s adoptive sister, testified Tuesday that Fisher was rumored to be having an affair with her biological sister’s husband while on house arrest at her parents’ home in Wellsburg. Fisher had a contentious relationship with her biological sister, Ronda McAdams, who was jealous of Fisher, Henry said.

Through nearly 50 pages of activity from Fisher’s Facebook account, which Gillison submitted as evidence Tuesday, the account never indicated Fisher attempted to contact Martino, Henry said. She added that she believes McAdams posed as Fisher and initiated the contact in a scheme to get Fisher put back into jail.

Hans Fisher Sr., Melody Fisher’s husband of seven years, testified his wife admitted to having an affair with her brother-in-law, Terry McAdams. He noted that Melody Fisher and Terry McAdams have children together. Hans Fisher and Ronda McAdams have children together as well, Hans Fisher testified.

Hans Fisher testified Ronda McAdams warned him to keep his wife away from Terry McAdams. Hans Fisher recalled Ronda McAdams saying she would do “whatever it takes to burn Melody,” including getting her put back behind bars. He also said he believes Ronda McAdams hacked Melody Fisher’s Facebook account and contacted Martino.

When Ohio County Prosecutor Scott Smith asked Hans Fisher if he was addicted to prescription pain pills, Fisher testified that he was undergoing “pain management.” The witness invoked his Fifth Amendment right, however, when Smith asked if Melody Fisher was addicted to painkillers.

Mazzone did not rule on Gillison’s motion Tuesday.