Judge Denies Bond Over Complicated Family Ties

Ohio County Circuit Judge James Mazzone denied Melody Fisher bond Monday, saying the testimony of her husband, who is her former brother-in-law, and her adoptive sister, who is also her cousin, failed to prove that Fisher’s biological sister schemed to get her thrown back into jail over Fisher’s rumored affair with her brother-in-law, who is also her ex-husband.

Mazzone revoked Fisher’s pretrial release in January and sent her back to the Northern Regional Jail after she allegedly contacted Anthony Martino, the owner of the Elm Grove Pharmacy who fatally shot Kevin Walnoha in May while Walnoha was attempting to rob the business at gunpoint. Fisher allegedly was sitting in the getaway car in the parking lot when Martino killed Walnoha inside the building.

Hans Fisher Sr. and Bernice Henry testified during a hearing last week that they believe Melody Fisher’s biological sister either hacked into her Facebook account, or created a Facebook account under Melody Fisher’s name, and contacted Martino. Both witnesses said Melody Fisher’s sister, Ronda McAdams, was incensed over an affair between Melody Fisher and McAdams’ husband.

In an order filed in Ohio County Circuit Court, Mazzone deflated Henry’s testimony about dozens of pages from Melody Fisher’s Facebook account, which attorney Edward Gillison presented as evidence.

The judge ruled Henry’s testimony was unreliable because the account was not hers.

Hans Fisher testified McAdams warned him to keep his wife away from her husband, Terry McAdams. Ronda McAdams said she would “do whatever it takes to burn Melody,” Hans Fisher testified. When the judge revoked the defendant’s bond, Ronda McAdams allegedly bragged to Hans Fisher, “See, I told you I would get her.”

“After having considered Hans Fishers’ testimony,” the order states, “the Court finds the same to be vague, speculative and based in large part on hearsay, the source of which is not credible.”

Ohio County Prosecutor Scott Smith pointed out during last week’s hearing that Hans Fisher is a convicted felon and may be a prescription pill addict, a point Mazzone admittedly considered while weighing Hans Fisher’s testimony.

The judge found that Hans Fisher “is not a credible witness. Indeed, Hans Fisher is himself an admitted convict, having previously been convicted three times, including one felony for which Mr. Fisher served time in prison, and that Mr. Fisher is currently undergoing ‘pain management’ therapy for a drug addiction.”

Hans Fisher testified that he and Ronda McAdams share a child, as do Melody Fisher and Terry McAdams. Mazzone noted Hans Fisher harbors “obvious and palatable anger” toward the McAdamses. The judge also pointed out that neither Ronda McAdams nor Terry McAdams were called to testify at last week’s hearing.

The order continues, ” … aside from Mr. Fisher’s testimony, there is no credible evidence to corroborate Mr. Fisher’s claim that Terry McAdams and the Defendant were engaged in an affair, which drove Ms. McAdams to hack into the Defendant’s Facebook account, hold herself out as the Defendant, contact the alleged victim and attempt to ‘friend’ him on Facebook, all the while knowing that the victim would report this to the authorities and that it would cause Defendant’s bond to be revoked.”