Kids Get an Education By Helping Kids Learn

Wheeling Park High School student James Miller said every time he leaves Woodsdale Elementary School after tutoring students in a first-grade classroom, he leaves in a good mood.

Miller, a freshman, is one of several WPHS students who volunteer their time at Woodsdale Elementary after class for the new “Students Helping Students” program. Under the program, high school students help out elementary teachers by tutoring students one-on-one or in small groups in various subjects.

First-grade teacher Susan Brossman, for whom Miller volunteers, said the young children love having an older student in the classroom to read to them and teach them.

“The kids have established a nice relationship with James,” Brossman said. “He’ll typically help me enrich students who need enriched in spelling or reading. Sometimes he’ll work with students who are on-level or a little below level and try to bring them up. … They get more individual attention.”

Principal Kim Miller said the program is an excellent opportunity to bring the children of the local community together to build lasting relationships. She said the WPHS students who applied to be tutors wanted to give back to the community and work with children.

“They’re the positive role models in our building,” Miller said. “The high school kids are rock stars to them. It really helps to build the community. We wanted to be able to have additional opportunities, and this was a great way of incorporating the high school. It really is full circle.”