Woods Facing Neglect Counts

A 24-year-old Moundsville woman is facing two counts of child neglect after police found her unresponsive in a shower with a syringe nearby earlier this month.

Stasha Marie Woods of 22 Linden Ave. was charged after the April 13 incident in which Moundsville police responded to a report of a male and female screaming and children crying at the residence. According to the complaint, officers arrived and knocked several times but got no response.

They entered the residence and secured the bottom floor before proceeding to the second story of the home. There, they were met by a crying child who asked them to “help my mommy, she won’t wake up.” Officers continued into a bedroom, where they found an infant child on the floor in a doorway near a bathroom.

Upon entering the bathroom, the officer found a female in the bathtub. She was slumped over with “a bluish tint to her skin,” the complaint states.

One of the officers took the children to the downstairs area while the other officer began searching the residence. On the first floor, the officer attempted to console the children and asked the oldest child what had happened. The child told officers the two had gone with their mother to the store and when they returned home, a male and female were already at the residence.

The child said he later saw the male put Woods in the shower and turn on the water “to try to wake her up.” But when Woods did not wake, the male and female left the home, the complaint states. The children’s grandmother was contacted, and temporary custody of the children was granted to her.

While emergency medical technicians worked to revive Woods, the officers noticed an uncapped syringe in the bathroom sink with clear liquid inside of it, as well as a burnt spoon next to it. Woods regained consciousness and was transported to a hospital for treatment.

A representative from Child Protective Services interviewed the oldest child, who reaffirmed what he had told the officer earlier. The boy also said at one point, the infant fell out of a chair, prompting him to ask Woods and the unidentified male and female for help. After he was ignored, the child picked up the infant and put him back in the chair himself. The child also told investigators that “his mom gives herself shots all the time in the bathroom but he isn’t allowed to go in when she is giving the shots.”

Investigators spoke with Woods, who gave them permission to take her cell phone as evidence. She was able to identify the male as Bryon Piles, but she was unable to identify the female, the complaint states.

Woods was arraigned by Marshall County Magistrate David Buzzard, who set bond at $10,000. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for this week.