Yet Another Bossy Burgled By Buckeye Cattle Rustlers

Cattle thieves are at it again in Belmont County.

This time, a single cow from a 100-acre plot of land on Badersburg Road was taken last week.

Tammy Steed first noticed the cow missing Saturday morning when she traveled from her home in Barnesville to her property on Badgersburg Road. The tip-off came when she noticed a young calf tied up in the catch pen near the entrance to the property.

On April 18 when Steed had previously checked on her herd, all cattle were present and accounted for. The gates were locked. It was not possible for the young calf to get itself into the catch pen without assistance.

So Steed decided to examine the rest of her 30-plus head of cattle and she noticed one was missing.

“I knew something was weird,” Steed said. “There was no way that calf could get in there on its own. After we discovered one was missing, we looked and looked all over that field. But she didn’t wander off because she has a 2-month-old calf.”

Steed believes whoever took her cow had planned to return to pick up the calf because of its positioning in the catch pen.

This incident isn’t the lone cattle theft in recent months. In December, six cattle turned up missing from a farm in Jockey Hollow.

Steed noted she did not call the Belmont County Sheriff’s Department because she believes deputies are busy enough with other issues and crimes. She wanted authorities to know, however, that she is offering a reward for information that leads to the return of her cow and the arrest of the thieves.

“We want whomever did this to know we know what you did and we alerted everyone in the area to be on the lookout,” Steed said.

Because the stolen cow was still nursing its young calf, Steed said she will likely have to transport it back to her home in Barnesville and bottle-feed and raise the calf herself. Steed estimated her beef cattle are valued at between $800 and $1,000 each.

Steed asks anyone with information about the theft to call her at 740-310-3278.