Men Face Charges In Home Robbery

Two Moundsville men are facing charges following an alleged robbery in Glen Dale last weekend.

James E. Yoho Jr., 19, of Wilson Hill Lane, and Jessie Purcell, 18, of Patricia Court, are charged with burglary, receiving and transferring stolen goods and grand larceny for the incident, which took place April 26.

According to the criminal complaints filed against the two, officers responded to a burglary complaint on Burley Avenue in Glen Dale. The robbery took place some time during the daytime hours, and the owner said it appeared as if the suspect entered through an unlocked back door.

The complaint states a long list of items were taken from the home, including a PlayStation 3, several games, a jar of money containing $100, an iPad and iPhone, as well as medications. Officers determined the total price of the items stolen to be in the range of $1,940 to $2,390.

The homeowner also showed police a text message from a friend asking, “did something happen to you today?” The two then had a conversation in which Purcell’s name was mentioned.

Officers interviewed the man involved in the text conversation, who told officers he received a text message from Purcell stating Purcell had broken into the residence with his brother. The brother later offered to sell an iPad to the man.

Officers then interviewed Purcell’s brother. He provided a statement that his brother drove to the residence and exited the vehicle, stating he was going to, “grab some stuff” before returning with the items reported as missing. The two then tried to sell the PlayStation at a pawn shop in Bellaire, though the shop would not take it as it was registered to the owner.

Later that day, deputies with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle in which Purcell was a passenger. He agreed to go to the sheriff’s office for questioning, where he allegedly confessed in a written statement to stealing the items and selling the games at the pawn shop. He said he did not tell his brother or Yoho that the items were stolen until after they left the pawn shop.

Yoho and Purcell were both arraigned by Marshall County magistrates and were held on $12,000 bond. Preliminary hearings for both are set for next week.