Ohio Valley T-Bucket Owners Sought for Hot Rod Cruise

MOUNDSVILLE – T-Bucket owners of the Ohio Valley, where are you?

A T-Bucket is a hot rod built on a Model T Ford chassis, according to the National T-Bucket Alliance. The modified body style was first introduced in the 1950s, using Model Ts dating from 1909-27, and later became popular through appearances in movies and on TV.

Now, T-Bucket owners from across the local area are being sought for a get-together and possible “cruise runs” to various local communities.

Kevin Spano, who has owned a 1923 Ford T-Bucket for about a year, is looking for fellow T-Bucket owners to come together and “show the Ohio Valley who we are.”

While he realizes there are not too many T-Bucket owners in the area, he knows there are some. He knows of four others besides himself. Spano has been developing this idea since last fall and has distributed posters in various locations. To date, though, his postings have not produced any results.

“I want to get something started,” Spano said. “You don’t see that many of them out there. I want to see what kind of interest there is. I’d like to know how many T-Bucket owners there are out there and maybe later form a club or something. I know there are a lot of car clubs out there and a lot of shows.

“I’d like to get together with other T-Bucket owners and see what they would like to do, maybe go on a cruise to a nearby town like Barnesville, or whatever they would like to do. You don’t know what kind of interest is there. I’d like to see just what comes off. I get a lot of looks when I go down the road. People give me the thumbs up and things like that. I’m sure other guys do, too.”

Spano believes there are enough T-Bucket owners in the valley – particularly in the St. Clairsville, Steubenville and Weirton areas – to get together and make an impressive sight. Should they decide to cruise in a procession on local roads, he believes they would turn heads. He remembers seeing a long, double line of T-Buckets in California, similar to a motorcycle run, which he said “was something to see.”

“It’s just the thought of a line of T-Buckets going down the road that gets me going. The more the merrier. I’m sure there are a bunch out there. Wherever I go, people stop and look as I go down the road. We would really turn some heads, and the sweetest thing would be if we would do a fundraiser and try to help someone,” Spano said.

“I’d really like to help other people. Maybe we could get together with another club that’s having a cruise and join them with their cause. Some of them do a lot of good work raising money to help people. It makes you feel good, you know. I just need to get something started to see what we can do.”

Spano, who is a diesel mechanic and works on buses, said he has always had old cars and is now refurbishing his T-Bucket. He does not have a time or date in mind for a get-together, but he is thinking of a weekend in late spring or early summer. His suggested cruise would be from Moundsville to Barnesville or Quaker City, Ohio; however, he said he would like to go to different places to develop interest in different areas.

Spano said most T-Bucket owners get their chassis and then custom build the body on them. He is a member of the Moundsville Car Club and has won nine trophies in local car shows.

“I think getting the T-Buckets together would be different because at most of the car shows I’ve been to, very seldom do you see that many T-Buckets,” Spano said. “Once in a while you might see one there. They’re just sweet.”

For more information on T-Buckets or forming a local owners’ group, call Spano at 740-298-3494.