Another Person Bitten by Unregistered Pit Bull

Days after an unregistered pit bull mauled a girl on Wheeling Island, putting the girl into surgery and causing animal control to euthanize the dog, police said another person was bitten by a vicious dog Sunday in South Wheeling.

According to Deputy Police Chief Martin Kimball, officers responded to a reported dog bite at a duplex on Wood Street around 3:30 p.m. Sunday. A woman told police her neighbor’s pit bull was running unleashed while the neighbor was doing yard work.

While unrestrained, the 7-year-old dog bit the complainant on the wrist, she told police. Officers observed indentations from the dog’s teeth in the woman’s skin, but she was not bleeding, Kimball said.

The pit bull was unregistered with the city and its owner, Elizabeth Herrington, was cited for violation of the vicious dog ordinance.

Ten-year-old Kamiri Johnson went into surgery at Wheeling Hospital on Thursday to repair deep lacerations to her face and body. Johnson was attacked Wednesday by a 3-year-old pit bull at home on Wheeling Island.

That dog’s owner, Derek Bates, voluntarily turned the dog over to Ohio County Animal Control to be euthanized. He was issued a citation for violating the city’s vicious dog ordinance. Police also cited Bates on May 26, when the dog reportedly was running unleashed in the street.

Also earlier this month, a pit bull leapt at a 12-year-old girl, causing the child to fall to the ground and fracture her hand, police said.