Architect Approved for John Marshall Renovations

The Marshall County Board of Education this week selected Silling Associates Inc. as the architectural firm that will handle work on the renovation of John Marshall High School

During a meeting of the board Tuesday, the Charleston-based firm was selected from five finalists for the project, which could start as early as this summer and will be done in phases over the next few years to not interfere with classes.

According to board President Roger Lewicki, 14 companies applied to be the architect for the $16 million project. From those 14, a committee chose five finalists, with each of those firms making presentations to the board earlier this month. In addition to members of the board, incoming Superintendent Michael Hince and Assistant Superintendent Corey Murphy, who will take over their positions in July, were also involved in the interview and selection process.

“We wanted the new administration to be able to ask questions to all of the companies,” Lewicki said.

The project will be paid for using $7 million from the West Virginia School Building Authority. The district will contribute $6.2 million, as well as assume a $2 million low-interest loan to fund the remainder.

Members of the board said they wanted to meet with Project and Construction Services Inc., which will oversee the project, and iron out a final scope of work as there are “different outlooks” as to how the project will progress. However, the main focus of the work will be on the walking and connector bridges between buildings and parking areas, which were deemed unsafe last year by a West Virginia fire marshal. Temporary repairs were made to bring the bridges up to code, but a compete replacement is necessary.

Additionally, all parking lots and asphalt areas will be paved, the tennis court area will be replaced and a concession stand and restroom area will be built. Inside, all restrooms will be renovated, upgrades will be made to the HVAC system and new ceilings and windows will be installed.

The entrance to the building is still a topic of discussion, as extra security measures will be implemented. Early designs had the entrance situated at the north end of the building, though that design was not final.