B&O Museum Celebrating Civil War, W.Va. Milestone

BALTIMORE – At the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore, Guest Curator Dan Toomey said the 150th anniversary of West Virginia is taking center stage this year.

“One of our many display cases is dedicated to the state of West Virginia,” he said in describing the museum’s plans for this year.

Titled, “West Virginia: The Child of War,” the Mountain State exhibit displays several items and documents featuring the formation of the state, including the reasons why it became a state, historic events and sites in the state, as well as the personalities that brought about statehood.

The display also shows the reverse side of the West Virginia state seal with the B&O Railroad train crossing the Tray Run Viaduct in Preston County.

“To tell the story of the B&O during the Civil War, I had to tell the story of West Virginia,” Toomey said of the display he created.

Housing the largest collection of railroad history in North America, the B&O Museum showcases 19th and 20th century railroad equipment, shop buildings and tracks. Visitors are sure to see how railroads played an integral role in the growth of America throughout the Industrial Revolution and beyond.

The museum contains many unique examples of historically significant pieces from the B&O and other Mid-Atlantic railroads.

The museum hosts a record number of visitors to view its campus and collections on its 40-acre site at 901 West Pratt St., Baltimore, MD 21223.