WHEELING – At the corner of 10th and Main streets in downtown Wheeling, the Children’s Museum of the Ohio Valley has a new exhibit designed to heighten youngsters’ awareness – the Sensorium.

Through the America’s Promise grant, the Marshall County Family Resource Center recently installed the Sensorium. This active learning center is a place of self-discovery for children visiting the museum. The primary goal is to encourage children to explore the art of relaxation and self-regulation.

The exhibit consists of a four-station system focusing on three main areas of relaxation: tactile, resistance and visual.

The Touch & Go portion of the attraction includes a large bin filled with packing peanuts and a few everyday objects. Children will choose an item to retrieve then reach into the bin and blindly feel for an object.

Visual Vortex is a section of the room portioned off by light resistant curtains. Inside, children will find an array of visual items at their disposal to explore, including a remote-controlled Earth light, a hand-held laser light show, a fiber optic light, a flower power lamp and more.

The Stretch & Bounce portion of Sensorium includes bands and an exercise ball. The three bands will be attached to a bar for children to pull and push back, with each band slightly increasing in resistance. The exercise ball will be accessible for children to sit on to safely bounce and balance.

Lastly, the Weight It Out exhibit provides children access to a quiet tent. Inside the tent is a weighted blanket for a child to lie under for 10 minutes while employing instructed breathing exercises.

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