Colleges’ Projects Wrapping up Work

West Virginia Northern Community College anticipates completion of all its major construction projects by June 30, while West Liberty University faces a list of 130 different projects to be completed across its campus this summer.

WVNCC Vice President of Administrative Services Stephen Lippiello said the only construction project the college still needs to work on is the new building at 16th and Market streets for its future student union and Barnes & Noble Bookstore, which he said should be finished by June 30 if all goes according to plan.

He said maintenance crews will still work around campus after that project is complete, but only doing standard summertime tasks .

At the same time, WLU Chief of Operations Patrick Henry said the summer of 2013 will be especially busy for college maintenance and construction crews there.

“It’s going to be a pretty hectic year for us,” Henry said. “We have 130 projects this summer; some big, some small.”

He said the usual summer workload totals about 75-100 tasks.

Among projects slated for work this summer, Henry said the largest is the new Campbell Hall Health Sciences Building, a $20 million project. He said the student union is also getting a new roof, while the bookstore will undergo renovations and the Main Hall will be getting a replacement chiller unit.

A few of the projects at West Liberty University are being done for safety purposes, Henry said.

“Contractors are moving sprinkler heads in compliance with the fire marshal,” Henry said.

Some of the glass in the college greenhouses will also be replaced after sustaining damage, he said, and workers recently finished installing a smoke ejector system in the Kelly Theatre to clear out smoke in case of fire.

Sports facilities around campus are also receiving upgrades, Henry said. Tennis courts are being resurfaced and given new lighting with a new paint job. The football stadium is getting a railing around the top of its press box for safety purposes and a replacement scaffold for video recording. The baseball team is getting a new field house, recycled from a former faculty building, and a new restroom installed in the guest dugout to accommodate visiting baseball teams.

While all these projects are under way, Henry said a number of the jobs on his list are also normal summertime maintenance tasks such as paving, painting and tree trimming.

“I am always thankful to the president, Robin Capehart, and (Chief Financial Officer) Jack Wright for allocating the resources,” Henry said.