Drivers Cut Off From I-70

Downtown drivers had no way to enter the eastbound lanes of Interstate 70 for about 30 minutes Tuesday morning due to a pair of simultaneous closures related to ongoing West Virginia Division of Highways projects.

The entrance ramp to U.S. 250/W.Va. 2 north from 16th Street was closed Tuesday as a part of an ongoing joint repair project. Along with signs, a police cruiser sat in the eastbound lane with its lights activated to alert oncoming traffic to the closure.

The expected completion date for that project is July 12. The cost is $1.7 million.

The Market Street entrance to the Wheeling Tunnel also was closed for about half an hour Tuesday morning as employees worked on a sign renovation and lighting replacement project. The travel lane of the Fort Henry Bridge already was closed to traffic, and crews have closed other portions of Interstate 70 during the work, as well.

According to DOH spokeswoman Carrie Bly, that project is about 48 percent complete.

Its planned completion date is June 28, and the cost is $3,978,224.

During the 30 minutes that both closures were in effect, downtown drivers trying to reach I-70 east had to drive up Wheeling Hill and travel along National Road through Fulton.

Bly said the DOH provides emergency first responders with 24-hour notice of any closures.