Red Arrows Yielding Fewer Accidents

The red arrows in the northbound turning lanes of Ohio 7 in Martins Ferry thus far has been operating as intended.

What once were frequent sites of auto accidents at Aetna and Hanover streets have been accident free since their installation.

“Nothing yet, knock on wood,” said Martins Ferry Police Chief John McFarland regarding accidents since the signal change. “Hopefully it stays that way.”

The Ohio Department of Transportation placed new traffic signals atop the turning lanes, where motorists previously would turn left when the signals for other lanes remained green. Those signals now, after the green turning arrows expire, change to red turning arrows, signaling traffic in those lanes to stop.

“I’ve noticed the traffic flow, the left-hand turning lane is a bit longer because you don’t have that constant flow of traffic going through there,” McFarland said. “There’s a bit more backup, but we haven’t had any problems yet.”