Board Discusses Construction

Outstanding and upcoming construction projects were the highlights of a light agenda during Tuesday’s Marshall County Board of Education meeting.

Superintendent Michael Hince told the board he and Assistant Superintendent Corey Murphy recently toured Cameron High School, along with representatives from Gray Con Construction.

Hince said those representatives agreed to make needed repairs to portions of the floor inside the building, specifically inside of the main entrance.

“They were pretty amiable about taking care of it,” he said.

Also on Tuesday, the board heard from parents of students at Sand Hill Elementary School, who asked if any progress had been made on needed repairs to the roof, windows and parking lot at the school.

Issues arose after Consol Energy Inc. mined under the building in 2011. Although Consol fixed a number of the problems, new issues have arisen after the land around and under the property settled.

Board of education President Roger Lewicki said the board previously set early August for a potential meeting at Sand Hill. He said he wanted to give Hince and the new administration time to get acclimated. However, he said touring the school and seeing what issues remain is a priority for the board.

“We just wanted them to get their feet wet a little bit,” Lewicki said.

Additionally, Lewicki said any conversations that would have been had last year are no longer relevant, as financial figures for the district have changed, along with the severity of potential problems.

The board also met briefly behind closed doors to discuss property transactions.