Chief: Crisis Management A Must for City Employees

Following the death of a city sanitation worker in May, Moundsville will provide a critical stress management counselor to help city employees work through the emotional stress that can occur from crisis situations that may occur in the future.

Sheli Bernstein-Goff, who is a professor at West Liberty University and trained in critical stress management, will come in to the city at no charge whenever an incident occurs that requires acute stress to workers.

Moundsville Fire Chief Noel Clarke said the need for critical stress management for the city was apparent after an incident in May when a city sanitation work was fatally struck by a fallen tree limb while on the job in May. Clarke stressed Bernstein-Goff will not work as a full-time counselor for employees, but will only be available when a stressful incident occurs.

“This is for when an incident happens such as a bad fire or the incident in May when an employee is having a hard time,” Clarke said. “They come in and help you get through the situation, talk you through what happened and keep you on track.”

Clarke said Bernstein-Goff recently came to Moundsville to work with the city workers, and he has seen a positive response from employees.