McCown Moving On Up at Gastar

After leading Gastar Exploration’s efforts to pump millions of cubic feet of natural gas daily in Marshall County, Michael McCown is getting a promotion.

After serving as Gastar’s vice president Northeast, McCown is now the company’s senior vice president and chief operating officer.

“After helping assemble our Marcellus technical team and overseeing the successful initial development of Gastar’s Marcellus Shale assets, Mike McCown has agreed to take on an expanded corporate role as chief operating officer,” said J. Russell Porter, Gastar president and chief executive officer.

Gastar spends about $7 million to drill and frack a single Marcellus well, according to McCown. Though the exact numbers will vary for each well, McCown said one particular well currently being drilled will go roughly 6,000 feet deep before turning to go 5,000 additional feet horizontally. Slightly different equipment is used to drill the vertical and horizontal portions of the well.

Gastar also is reinvesting in infrastructure, as the company repaved Rines Ridge and Birch Ridge in Marshall County, which suffered damage from heavy equipment traveling to drilling sites.

Gastar also spent about $5 million to build a private road exclusively for drilling truck traffic, relieving much of the truck traffic from the other roads.