Mexican Nationals Headed To Prison

Judge Frederick P. Stamp Jr. sentenced two Mexican nationals to prison Monday for transporting a mentally handicapped woman from her Elm Grove home to Washington, Pa., with the intention of having sex with her last year.

Stamp sentenced Jose Jesus Tapia Montes, 36, of Washington, Pa., to two years six months and Elmer Pina Pinto, 44, also of Washington, Pa., to two years nine months in prison. Both men pleaded guilty in April to aiding and abetting in the transportation of an individual in interstate commerce with intent to engage in illegal sexual activity.

Montes and Pinto were remanded to the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service pending designation to a federal institution. Both men were residing in the country illegally when arrested and will be deported to Mexico after completing their sentences.

Robert McCoid, who represented Pinto, said he and his client, are “very pleased” with the resolution, considering the potential sentence the suspects were facing.

He said Montes and his attorney, federal public defender Richard Walker, also were satisfied.

Montes and Pinto were indicted by a federal grand jury on multiple counts related to kidnapping and sexual assault. They faced 30 years to life in prison on those charges.

According to FBI documents, Montes and Pinto took the then-19-year-old woman from outside her home in Elm Grove on July 7, 2012, and drove her to a residence in Washington, Pa., where they repeatedly had sex with her. They returned her to Wheeling and dropped her off on a street near her home days later.

Montes and Pinto were working as roofers in Washington, Pa.

A psychologist who interviewed the victim said the woman is below the 1 percentile level in her ability to function, meaning 99 percent of people of a similar age have a higher mental capacity than she has.