Repair On Slip Begins Monday

Work to repair a menacing slip that has kept Dement Road closed since June is scheduled to begin Monday, West Virginia Department of Transportation spokesman Brent Walker said.

WVDOT contractor GeoStabilization International will use a process called “soil nailing” to repair the slip. Workers will insert 40-foot-long reinforcing bars at an angle into the soil below the roadway to prevent further slips.

Contractors will also construct a 150-foot-long concrete wall along the edge of the roadway. Repairs to the road itself will be made before it is ultimately reopened to traffic.

The project is expected to last nine days, Walker said.

Prior to being closed to traffic entirely last month, the road was reduced to one lane around the bend where the slip occurred. Traffic was regulated by a stop sign, and drivers were instructed to alternate with oncoming traffic, creating a precarious situation.

“Often it does take a little bit of time to repair slips like these,” Walker said, “because there are so many slips throughout the state, but we understand drivers’ frustration.”

The slip coincided with ongoing construction at the nearby Oglebay Meadows development, which sits at a lower elevation than the slip site just off of W.Va 88.