Police Investigating Pair of Assault Claims

The Martins Ferry Police Department is investigating two separate allegations of rape in the city since Sunday.

Police Chief John McFarland said officers were notified early Tuesday that a female juvenile allegedly was raped at the Jaycee Manor apartment complex. She was taken to East Ohio Regional Hospital, where a rape kit was performed.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation was called to process the scene. The attacker was described as a black male, but no other details were provided.

McFarland said there were some witnesses at the scene who are being questioned about the alleged assault.

Police said another alleged rape reportedly happened Sunday morning at the City Park. The chief said an officer on patrol spotted a woman, visibly upset, walking through town early Sunday. Police talked with the woman, who said she had been raped in the park along North Zane Highway.

She was transported to East Ohio Regional Hospital, where a rape kit was administered. BCI also was called to process that scene.

McFarland said the attacker in the park incident was described as a white male. There are cameras in the park, but none of them were angled to record the crime. McFarland said he has no suspects in the park assault.

“Both incidents remain under investigation,” McFarland said. “It is a shame that things like that happen. We will do all we can to find the attackers.”