Police Looking Into String of Break-ins

Several more break-ins have been reported to the Moundsville Police Department since Friday, according to police reports.

The reports show five incidents that occurred on Thorn, Clinton and Ash avenues, as well as on Center and Virginia streets. In several incidents, various items were stolen from the homes, including jewelry from the Ash Avenue home. The break-ins occurred between Friday and Tuesday.

The incidents are causing some safety concerns in the community. Miranda Postle, who lives on Hickory Avenue, addressed city council on Monday about the break-ins to inquire about extra monitoring in those areas.

“Directly across the alley from me, last week, the man’s house was broken into. And it must’ve been in the middle of the night when he was on vacation because they hauled everything from his house,” Postle said. “I’m pretty frightened to just leave my house.”

Police Chief Tom Mitchell said the police are investigating the break-ins. He said a plain-clothes officer has been walking the area “lurking about,” but noted no one had called the police to report a man walking around.

“We’re upping our patrols and working on it,” Mitchell said. “There’s different things that we do…we’ll get them.”

The incidents occurred after three burglaries were reported last week on Center Street, Second Street and Fostoria Avenue. Mitchell previously said at least two of those break-ins were believed to be connected. He said those two incidents occurred in the middle of the night and, in both situations, the intruder had broken through the back door. In one break-in, the intruder broke a knob and twisted it with a wrench, eventually stealing money and jewelry from the residence.